The project was based on the realization of 2 blocks of VPO dwellings with garage area and public square in a plot of 2,117 m2 in Pineda de Mar. The project consisted in PB + 2 floors with a total of 22 homes were obtained between 2 blocks projected from 40 and 70 m2.




Diputación de Barcelona / Ayuntamiento de Pineda de Mar


Pineda de Mar, Barcelona




1.800 m2


The study site is located close to a flat area vicinity to the sea front and within the urban area of the town of Pineda de Mar. The plot has frontage on two streets; c / Colom and c / Sant Jordi. The building plot has a rectangular shape without slope.


The functional program defined by the developer consist in 2 blocks formed by social housing (both PB + 2 blocks) with a basement used as parking. The blocks are located on plot 23 of PP5 PGOUM sector. The 2 projects are structured in the same way. The block B contains 4 homes in PB +5 flats per floor (total of 14 homes). The C block contains 2 properties for PB + 3 flats per floor (total of 8 homes). They are 2 blocks isolated sides within a predetermined volumes of small dimensions. Inside each block has been attempted that all homes have the most optimal orientation possible under the conditions of the site and its own characteristics.


The 2 blocks have shared an outer access (access area from the c / Sant Jordi - + public plaza two blocks) and therefore it was considered that these were structured in the same way volumetrically making one the mirror of the other. The facades of the blocks were determined with the same type of openings known as 'Majorcan blind'. This resulted in their compositions follow similar uniformity criteria.


One of the most significant points of the volumes of PP5 sector has been to relate them (same formal language) and to strengthen the access points of both buildings giving the feeling of global unity of the whole. These entrances are made by c / Sant Jordi and it is in this point where the two volumes are separated and isolated buildings. From this point you can also enter to a public space that it is contained within the block of houses. The reading of this public space is to give continuity to the Sant Jordi and Colom streets penetrating the buildings to reach the inner square housing.

Marc Casany

Vera Maria Esteves / Ingrid García / Alvar Cortada

Conrad Massip

Oscar larrea

Project budget:
Xavier talló

Andreia Faley

Model 1
View of the inner public square

Render 1
View of the Colom street

Carrer Colon, 65, Pineda de Mar

Site Plan

Underground floor
Garage zone shared by the 2 blocks

Entrance to Block 1

Entrance to block 2

First and second floor
Bock 1

First and second floor
Block 2

Roof top
Block 1

Roof top
Block 2

Elevation Block 1

Elevation Block 2

Transversal section

Longitudinal section

Model 1
General entrance view

Model 2
General entrance view

Model 3
View of block 2

Model 4
General entrance view

Render 1
Entrace blocks view

Render 2
Sant Antoni street view. Unified acces

Render 3
Inne public square view of the 2 blocks

Block volumetry 1

Block volumetry 2