The Project is based on the construction of a new High School situated on the north of Badalona city. One of the features of this educational center is that it is situated on the limit of an urban crown of residential buildings where the radial growing system from the surrounded buildings with the configuration of the streets themselves, will create a protected public space (square) which will be the entrance hall to the future school.


Equipament escolar


GISA - Gestió de Infraestructures


Badalona, Barcelona




5.500 m2


The Project is situated on the North area of Badalona in a block building between Manuel Moreno Street, European Community avenue and Olof Palme avenue. The site plot is characterize for being situated on the limit of an urban crown of residential buildings of radial growing and Montigalà industrial zone.


The functional program of this Project is same of any High School building of 4/3 lines per course which rules are defined in the “Standard for the construction of new educational public buildings” of the Educational Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya with 16 ESO classrooms 6 Higher Education classrooms, a library, a bar cafeteria and a whole administration area needed by a High School like this.


One of the main objectives of the project was to integrate the building into the existing urban matrix. In this line, and with reference to the radial growth of neighboring buildings; the new IES was articulated taking on guidelines the directions of the perpendicular streets that separated the urban matrix resulting in a public space such as "square" which gives access to the main entrance of the Institute.


The design of the new building will not only meet targeting criteria and energy efficiency (light values, sunscreens, etc.) but it is also sensitive specific criteria of the site, such as the construction of a kindergarten in the plot 1 and building a CEIP in plot 3. Circumstances such as "not to make" shadow to the existing Nursery and be sensitive to the future construction of the neighboring CEIP have been determining factors in the proposal.


The idea of the new High School has always been to be respectful with their environment; oxygenation aspects of public spaces, the placement and orientation of the building, the projection of its cast shadow, the projection of the shadows cast by neighboring buildings, the "do not disturb" and "not disturbed" existing buildings, and etc; have been logical approaches that have been implemented over the course of the project.

Marc Casany

Sara Panadero

Ana Andrade / Cristina Vila

Aribau 70 - Laia Roca

Project budget:
Ester López

Andreia Faley

Ismael Vega

Main entrance to the High School through a square

West facade

Lateral view of the Hall

Entrance porch which separate the High School building from the gym

Porch of the playground zone

Classrooms corridor

Carrer Manuel Moreno Maurici, 14, Badalona

Residential crown from a radial growing of the area - Existing nursery school of the adjacent plot

Site Plan
Plot with a pentagonal shape divided in 3 parts. Part 1 - Existing nursery school; Part 2 - new High School; Part 3 - future Primary School

We made the school was very permeable in its groundfloor due to the little surface that the playground could include

First floor
Classrooms zone and departments.Unification of the classrooms in only one structure (classrooms-corridor-classrooms)in order to reduce and control the project cost

Second floor
Classrooms zone and departments

West Facade

Longitudinal Section

Transversal Section

Scheme 1
Pentagonal plot divided en 3 parts. The construction of new High School in part 2

Scheme 2
Street guidelines which set the future entrance of the High School

Scheme 3
The square works as distributor of the whole Project, collecting both those teaching activities as those activities that can be performed outside school hours and with the school closed

Scheme 4
This agora / plaza oxygenate the convergence zone between the streets becoming a public element and achiving the maximum visual permeability across the plot (visual connection STREET-SQUARE-PLAYGROUND)

Scheme 5

Sunning scheme 1
Study case of the shadows project taking into account the adjacent plots in every sun process of a year

Sunning scheme 2
The new high school do not ever cast a shadow above the existing nursery school

Sunning scheme 3
Building crown + new High School