The project consists of the extension and partial adaptation of an existing building - CIFO de Salt - to become a new office for the SOC of the Catalonia Government. The main objective of the project is to increase the surface area of the current SOC Work Offices, contained within the CIFO, in order to expand them and adapt them to regulations.


Offices / Restoration


Generalitat de Catalunya


Salt - Girona




1.105 m2 + 757 m2

Executive Project Cost:

1.492.291,19 €

Cost / m2:


Energy rating:

A / A


SOC - Generalitat de Catalunya


The project is located right on the municipal boundary of Salt and the city of Girona, in its eastern area of the municipality. The main access to the building takes place on Alfonso Moré Street.


Currently, the building has a U-shaped plant with 3 different volumes: the volume of the workshops is developed on the ground floor and loft, the volume of classrooms is developed on two floors and the third volume of classrooms and offices on the ground floor. The intervention will be framed within volume 1 and 2. The idea of the project is not to occupy more surface of the site but partially demolish part of the building, and create a new building physically separated from the existing building, within the new footprint left by the demolition carried out. One of the main objectives is the functional separation of the two activities currently carried out in the building - Educational Programme / CIFO + Office Programme / OT - understanding that these two programs must operate independently of each other without the need interact with one another. This fact implies that the volume resulting from the union of these 2 buildings has 2 different accesses. The new access to the offices (OT) of the SOC is done through the entrance porch, by an independent lateral access to the main access of the CIFO. With this we managed to make the accesses independent, avoiding possible conflicts of use between the two programs.


The intervention is framed within the existing volume since the idea of the project is based on "no" occupying more surface within the plot. Partial demolition of part of the building, and we create a new building physically separated from the existing building within the New Footprint left by the demolition realized. This action implies that we have "two restored buildings separated in a single".


The existing building is characterized by having a very heterogeneous floor from a structural point of view. The mechanical provision of the existing structure, as well as its layout in the floor, was not immediately useful for the new features of the new building, especially in order to have a floor more. In this sense, a virtually integral structural reform was proposed.


The proposed facade is formed by a double outer skin that covers the new building with the aim of achieving a building as efficiently as possible. Thanks to several constructive strategies, and for the installation of facilities, it has been possible to obtain an energy rating A / A.


The new building is designed to provide services to the SOC, and to upgrade and deploy new facilities to the existing CIFO building.

Marc Casany

Sara Peinado

Roger Señís

Oriol Ruiz

Project budget:
Irma Traserra

Intervention perspective

Intervention perspective

Alfons Moré street – 17190 Salt, Girona.

Photomontage of the intervention

Northwest Perspective - New Body + Existing Body

Southwest perspective - New body + Existing body

Ground Floor - Existing

Ground Floor - Reform

First Floor - Expansion

Perspective - Interior Distribution

Demolish existing volume

New building + existing building

Structural model view

Construction system of the new facade

Elevation of the new facade

Oficces - SOC - Generalitat de Catalunya