Restricted competition for the design of the interior spaces (lobbies) of 2 office buildings located in the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 866 and 872 and located in the same block of "Les Glories" shopping center. The factor to consider in this contest is the inability to access current lobbies from the street, forcing pedestrians or users to upload a floor to get get to the lobby of each of the buildings. This fact is added the existence of commercial premises on the ground floor, which are not accessible from the street and generate a volume that cuts, in full, all communication between the inside of the mall and the other end of the complex. The existence of these commercial premises on the ground floor acting as a physical barrier between the streets and cause the halls that have access to the offices have to be located on the first floor, making it difficult to access on foot from the street.


Offices / Restoration


Almar Consulting






1.500 m2


El ámbito de actuación se encuentra en la Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanas, a la altura de la plaza de “Les Glories”; siendo ésta una de las vías con más tráfico de toda la ciudad. Las aceras de esta vía son estrechas, lo que conlleva dificultad para acceder a los lobbies.


The proposal presented to the two new lobbies of the buildings to rehabilitate you consider direct accessibility from the Gran Via and the connection to the commercial premises 'Las Glorias'. The lobbies have two entrances: one from the Gran Via and other entry from inside the shopping mall. This will have greater flexibility for the user to cross from the Gran Via Strett to Avenida Diagonal without saving any unevenness, also to reducing the current accessibility problems by improving connectivity between offices, shopping mall and street.


One of the main objectives of the project was to achieve both physical and visual communication between the inside Street of the Mall with the Gran Vía Street to facilitate accessibility and communication between Shopping mall and the offices.


It was decided to perform both lobbies with the same composition for to keep the same visual line and giving the same importance (same typology of space and materials), and getting in this case not discriminating the offices regarding the others. The placement of the mechanic stair has been chosen taking into account the structural arrangement. The directionality is set depending on existing pillars of each plant.


The proposal gives greater transparency and lighting all spaces (lobbies / local gallery / Street) getting that from the Gran Via Street you can have visibility and natural light until the interior passage of 'Les Glories'. The existing premises will have visibility from the Gran Via Street, and therefore improve attraction to your product that will be visible from the Gran Via Street.

Marc Casany

Irma Traserra / Sonia Lamesa / Josu Acebrón

Proposed facade
New facade Gran Via 866 - 872

Lobby Proposal
Lobby Interior space with 2 flights of stairs to adapt the existing structure

Back terrace
Area outside office buildings that communicate with the shopping mall

Calle Gran Vía de Las Cortes Catalanas 866 – 872, 08018 Barcelona, Barcelona

Gran Via Street 866-872

Actual State
The offices and the Commercial premises haven’t accessible communication by Gran Via, also, the existing premises makes a physical barrier difficulting the access to office buildings

Raised proposal
The two lobbies have been created on the ground floor for communicating the inside and outside of the shopping mall

Axonometry proposal
It was decided to perform both lobbies with a same composition for to keep the same visual line and giving them an equal importance

Comparative / Section 1
The placement of the mechanic stair saves the different levels of the project to get access to the offices

Comparativa / Section 3
From the point of view intermediate ( Loft – P1) is achieves visualize all the outdoor patio, and have a visual control of the ground floor and the second floor

Before vs After
Visual communication of the premises commercials interiors from Gran Via Street

Before vs After
Access to office’s lobbies from the inside of the shopping mall

Sketch 1
One of the first options considered was shoot down all existing premises on the ground floor to give continuity to the interior street with the Gran Vía Street, but this option was rejected by the loss of income from the customer premises and for generating the interruption in communication inside buildings

Sketch 2
Finally the chosen option was to maintain existing the commercial premises and providing the access to the lobbies from the ground floor for improve their physical and visual communication with the inside of the shopping center

Axonometry proposal
Both lobbies are made equal

Lobby Gran Vía 872

Lobby Gran Vía 866

Luminous efficiency
The Natural lighting crosses the whole project causing significant energy savings