The purpose of the project is the enhancement and put in the value of the environment of the "Font of San Salvador", currently the place looks degraded. The scope for improvement is composed of three spaces: The access to the Park (Forat del Vent), the forest stairs that connect the entry with the neighbourhood of the Coll and the fountain of Sant Salvador. The project includes the restoration of the whole, including source, cleaning of channel and glass, vertical facings, pavements and recovery of the ceramics.


Urban planning / Landscape


BSM - Barcelona Serveis Municipals SA


'Bosque de Vallcarca' area




8.000 m2

Executive Project Cost:


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Barcelona City Council


The project is located in the forest area in the north of the Park Güell, between the door of the Forat del Vent and l'Hort de l'Avi and in the area known as the "Bosc of Vallcarca". The park environment is characterized by a concave and uneven configuration predominantly. The field is oriented to north-west, on one of the mountains which surround the plain of Barcelona call “Montaña Pelada”, in the municipal term of grace, with a drop of about 60m and an elevation above sea level between the 210 and 150 meters.


Project interventions are: Access to the park by the “Forat del Vent” - jobs are needed to recover the original level of the slope of the pavement and provide an adequate water evacuation. Pending New are made with the consequent improvement of the drainage, is replaced the pavement of sand for a stabilized with lime content to improve the behaviour against the runoff and sanitation and restores the existing access door. Connection hole of the wind Stairs / Barrio del Coll - jobs are needed to recover the state of conservation and functionality of the current scale to suit a pace of steps more comfortable. There is a new pavement with sand stabilized with lime content to improve the behaviour against the runoff, and introduce new wooden steps to facilitate the step and soften the current slope. Park of the Fountain of San Salvador - performs different actions to put value to the area of the source and their environments because the area now looks degraded. A restore is performed the whole including; source, front and side walls, recovery and restoration of ceramics, channel, glass of water, floor and wall coverings respecting the types of materials and finishes.


During the years 1960 and 1970, in the gardens of the Fountain of San Salvador there were numerous performances, who lived a period of splendour under the guidelines of Lluís Riudor and Joaquim Casamor. According to the people of the neighborhood, this place had a special charm, both for its vegetation Ribera, predominating “Platanos” and formerly to the shadow of a beautiful specimen of ash. On the side benches wore a blue ceramic mosaic that is currently there.

Marc Casany

Alejandra Crespo / Alexandre Esteva

Oriol Ruiz

Project budget:
Irma Traserra

“Forat del Vent”
Access to the forest area from Park Güell

Stairs access connection "Forat del Vent" with the neighbourhood of Coll

San Salvador fountain

C/ Torrent del Remei 18 - 08023 Barcelona

The scope of the project can be accessed by three points. The first from the door of the Forat del Vent, the second by the Carrer Torrent del Remei and the third by the street Coll del Portell

Cleaning and clearing of the forest of Vallcarca

Field "Scale of Bosc"
Area European ladder with path

Field "Scale of Bosc"
Pathology caused by runoff

Employment of photogrammetry urban 3D in the stages of the study and design of the new forest staircase

Field of the font of San Salvador

Field of the font of San Salvador
First platform

Field of the font of San Salvador
Third platform

Field of the font of San Salvador
Fourth platform

Sketch stretch of the stairway
Second platform

Current state stairs second platform

Sketch Fountain of San Salvador

Current state of Fountain San Salvador

Sketch stairs access to the neighborhood of Coll

Current state stairs neighborhood of Coll