This executive Project is based on the realization of a municipal sports center consisting of a covered pool (Consell Català de l’Esport – PCO 2) and more several rooms for Gym and Fitness or groupal activities. The main characteristic of the project is its implementation connecting the existing sports pavilion with the new volume, giving a solution for the management of the entire sports area in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada.


Sport facility


Ajuntament de Sant Joan de Vilatorrada


Sant Joan de Vilatorrada




3.700 m2


The site where the future Project will be located is in the area of the Municipal Sports zone of Sant Joan de Vilatorra (northern municipality) that will set a great sports block. The intervention area is characterized by being situated between an existing sports center and tennis courts zone which delimitate the plot.


The Project was set in three levels; the first one is situated to the groundlevel from the entrance minimizing the earthworks project; on the second level we find the entrance to the sports center, the interior access to the existing sports hall and all the basic program stuff concerning the PCO-02 rules. On the third level we find the bar with terrace with independent entrance-exit from the street and a series of terraces which will allow the user to not only see into the pool but enjoy the views to the open area that is bordering the sports center of Sant Joan de Vilatorrada and the Cardener river.


One of the premises of the Project was to organize the program around the pools taking into account the connection to the existing sports center. With this fact we wanted to reinforce the unified character of the piece understanding the two buildings, existing and new, as one unique building.


One of the main focus of the project was to control its economy with rational construction details with proved durability. Within this premise, the windows of the project were made using prefabricated skylight that were redesigned in order to work vertically. For the finishing materials of the project; we wanted to single out the pool area by applying a continuous sheet of copper plates on the façade and roof. This material will transform over time acquiring a blue-green tonality like water colour.


The project pays particular attention to providing a modern and attractive exterior image with bright interiors with rich and open spaces with views to the green area bordering the sports zone and Cardener River which invite to enjoy and relax with sport.

Marc Casany

Álvaro Méndez Boo


Igone López / Amancio García / Nacho Aso

Project budget:
Carlos Garín

Andreia Faley

Indoor Pool
Main entrance

Indoor Pool
Entrance to the terrace + bar zone

Model 1
Existing sports center + municipal swimming pool

Model 2
Municipal indoor swimming pool + fitness room

Model 3
Public space to the sports center entrace

BV-3008, Joan de Vilatorrada Sant

Construction site of 1.652 m2

Site Plan
Connection between the existing sports center with the future project of the indoor swimming pool

Level 0
Activities rooms and gym + Technics room of the swimming pool

Level 1
Administration area and connectio with the existing sports center + Swimming pool and spa zoon + lockers room

Image 1
Swimming pool inside views

Level 2
Terraces zone + bar + vending

Image 2
Swimming pool inside views from the bar

Image 3
Indoor pool view from outdoor terrace

Longitudinal section 1

Longitudinal section 2

Axonometric 1
Siwimming pool area + wood structure

Axonometric 2

First skecthes

First skecthes
Existing sports center connection

First skecthes
Terraces area and inside/outside views to the swimming pool

First models
General volum of the new sports equipment

Study cases
opennings and walls

Windows study cases
Opennings of the project made by tridimensional 'bubles' giving volume to the windows

Windows study cases
Building and composition evolution of the elements in order to ensoure the tighness.

Study case Skin-Facade
Dual curvature through support beams and plywood Tecu CLASSIC system with copper plates COATING entire system

Study case Skin-Facade
Model study cases of the structural system

Level 0
Activities rooms and gym + swimming pool technics room

Level 1
Administration area and connection with the sports center + swimming pool and spa + lockers room

Level 2
Bar + vending zone

Level 2
Terraces area

Level 3
Swimming pool roof

Level 3
Bar rooftop + swimming pool