Our proposal for the "SYSTEM FECOMERCIO - RS, SESC E SENAC" had as objectives to integrate all services into a single structure by building a set of the most representative buildings where values were in developing the training of its members, promote relationship between them and encourage innovation in their spaces.


Urban planning / Public building


Sistema Fecomercio - RS


Porto Alegre - Brasil




200.000 m2


The site is located in the north of the Porto Alegre City; a new growth area for the city that forms the boundary between the city of Canoas and Porto Alegre itself (central point between the 2 cities). This location makes the project has a huge potential for the tertiary sector transformin this area to an attractive site for leisure and commerce.


The project is located at an altitude solar +3 (Ground Floor) due to its high degree of flooding. To address this constraint, the project fits an artificial topography hiding the parking area on the ground floor and resulting in a building that blends with the landscape. On the first floor are located spaces like the hall center, cafeteria with terrace, gym, etc.. The other floors are use for administrative use and educational center.


The idea was based on creating a new landscape, a new topography, where buildings were integrated in a green environment, being part of nature. Parking was created in 2 phases: the first phase is built under the buildings to get a direct link to these accesses and 2nd stage spanned the solar forming a large central green space (patio), ventilating and lighting throughout the park. The parking deck was transformed into a public park created outside and giving continuity to the landscape and servicing to the existing buildings by creating terraces and public places.


The project is developed by a line from north to south with a small ZIG-ZAG; volumes are developed in this line growing and fragmented (with more height) as they approach to the Solar northern part. This fact made that buildings volumes not cast shadows on themselves and that favors to ventilation causing a greater sense of comfort in wet weather.

Marc casany

Laura Alcaraz / Andreia Faley

General view
Park + terraces + buildings

Aerial view
Park + terraces + buildings

Main entrance view of the buildings


Av. Dique, 800 - São João, Porto Alegre - RS, 90200-260, Brasil

SIte plan

Ground floor + entrace hall + building phases

Groundfloor (parking) + First floor (terraces)

Floor schemes

Longitudinal section 1

Longitudinal section 2

Development hall skecth + exhibition zone + leisure zone

Ground floor and first floor funcionality axonometry

Visual relationship between first floor and groundfloor

Functional and structural scheme

North orientation sunlight

South orientation sunlight