This project consists of a full renovation of a block (PB + 2 levels) and its adjacent areas (urbanization of all remaining free surface and treatment of the partywalls and the adjacent facades) It is located inside the block dwelling from c / General Prim # 69 of Hospitalet de Llobregat. Being this volume a non-conforming shape according PGM.


Housing / Restoration


Dep. de Benestar Social i Familia de la Generalitat de Catalunya


L'Hospitalet de Llobregat






There is just one entrance to the construction site from the General Prim street through a covered corridor (tunnel) which cross under an existing housing building, perpendicular to the street itself (25 m long and about 2.60 m wide x 3.50 m high). Although its characteristics and conditions, this tunnel could have became a problem but finally, this space prove to be a necessary element of transition between the residential center and its town.


Firstly, once you are in the inner courtyard, you find the main building (a body of 10 m x 11 m x 10 m height) surrounded by other buildings from different periods of very poor quality and in precarious conditions. We focus on keep built the main volume (façade made of stone walls, 40 cm thick) in order to place the entire program of an assistants center of this type, and demolishing all the other constructions carried around the main volume to fluf and clean up all the inner courtyard of the block.


The rehabilitated building would be a CRAE; this establishment is a host residence for minors under guardianship or under administrative measures while they can not return with their families or while they do not have a host family. This fact make that the future residents of this equipment (children between 3 and 16 years old ) would have two main limitations, the physical one from the building itself ( closed complex – limited by the street) and the psychological or mental limitations of the children, who, in general terms, they are children with a strong social exclusion and serious problems of relationship. We were sure that our building must answer to these huge conditions.


One of the peculiarities of the work was in its construction complexity. Despite being a small work, it has a number of variable that made it extremely interesting. To highlight: the difficulty in get the inner courtyard of the dwelling block through a tunnel, the lack of foundations that forces us to use a specific micro piling, the manual demolition of the adjacent blocks without affecting the existing wall volume made of unconsolidated materials, treatment of the party walls of the site and much more.


Despite of being a restoration project, it has always been sensitive to those features that include communication and human relations inside and outside the building. As well, there will be common spaces in the new CRAE like the area called ‘storytelling’ where the monitor and/or the resident may tell a story, or to take part of any activity. This attitude will improve the human relationships and will destroy all communication barriers that may would have existed between different users.


Once the work is finished, you start to be aware of the entire process, before and after of the site; how great has been the evolution of the building and the urban trasformation that has suffer this area. Surrounded of a mix of buildings, materials and waste, we have achieved an oxygenated, friendly and respectful place with its immediate environment. The natural light and air (ventilation) are no longer merely spectators in order to become protagonist of the site.

Marc Casany

Marc Casany / Caio Mattei

Conrad Massip

Oscar larrea

Project budget:
Xavier talló

Marc Casany

Francesc Escolà - CE-2 Arquitetures S.L

Building company:
Rehabilitacio Contracta i Promocio D'obres sl

L’H2010 s.a.

Eugeni pons

Final State
Main volume cleaned up + treatment of the partition walls

Initial State
Main volume + surrounded buildings to be demolished

CRAE Restoration
South-East Facade

Partition walls treatment
Final result once has been demolished the surrounded blocks of the main building

Main door entrance to CRAE
View of the entrance to the CRAE inner courtyard

CRAE main door
View from the tunel that links General Prim street with the inner courtyard

C/ General Prim nº69, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

CRAE Entrance
View of the General Prim street facade with the entrace to the inner courtyard where the project is situated

Demolishing plan
Initial state vs final state with the main volume cleaned up

Treatment of the rest surfaces after demolishing old buildings around the main volume

Ground floor
Entrance, dinning room,social assitants room. kitchen,external meeting room and laundry

First floor
Ludoteca, librar and bedrooms área

Second floor
Bedrooms area

Partition walls treatment
Initial state vs final state

West Facade

General view of the inner courtyard

East Facade

South Facade

Stage 1
Manual demolishing of the different volumes that are around the main building

Stage 2
It was decided to keep some spare beams of the rest of the volumes as elements which were able to ensure'not collapse' of the walls while the principal volume was been refurbished

Stage 3

Stage 4
The lift block is rising up. Placed closed monolayer

Stage 5
Placed vertical slats of the openings and the building of handrail porcelain. You start to urbanize the development of the plot using the same formal resource in the building to give continuity to the whole

'Storytelling' Zone
3D image of the space

'Storytelling' zone
Graphic development of the space

'Storytelling' zone
Constructive evolution of the space