The project focuses on the construction of the new Pharmacy University of Barcelona headquarters that took special care in its integration with the environment. It prevailed that new complex would interact with the resulting public space creating an access as the hub of the campus; while it was sensitive to the new Urban Improvement Plan pacifying the road space and giving priority to pedestrians. A new urban setting where you can build a structure of social events with public, semi-public and urban spaces, proposing a building that is open to campus develops.


University facility


Pla Pluriannual de la UB






80.000 m2


We found a site with 3 buildings. The Florensa pavilion, Philosophy Pavilion and Parcheesi. We were asked for make an architectural proposal subject to prior demolition of these elements in two phases: Phase 1- Pavilion Florensa + Philosophy demolition (materialization of the new UB Pharmacy); Phase 2: Pavilion Parcheesi demolition (materialization of the new student residence).


A compact and grouped university complex is planned in order to release the maximum possible soil to become green space. The union of the building pills helped bringing order to a complex block diagram with multiple functions and where teachers and departmental applications mingled with the technical and research spaces. Vertical communication is produced by those area containing these uses, thus sprang from within the building that no programmatic mixtures that could affect the proper functioning of the different spaces.


We start from a site with existing buildings and the proposal was conditioned on this. Once some of nearby buildings were demolished, we watched clear that the new teaching center had to respond to the different actions that might occur on the outside thus reinforcing the access to the new university complex. We searched for some permeability in all the buildings in order to communicate the resulting different public spaces (squares, streets, etc). And the height of the building is controlled, only growing in those areas strictly necessary.


For the large atrium area was chosen the integration of a structure which could contain facilities and finishes in the same geometric definition by constructing a permeable visually transparent space, resulting in a union exterior-interior between the courtyard- plaza. This is one of the reasons why it has 2 distinct structures and fabric, 2 large FINK parallel beams formed by metal trusses cross. The metal grate rests on FINK beams and endure the garden deck plus the holes discharge system of the roof flat.


With the construction of this large atrium we wanted to create a large space with high energy efficiency by ensuring a passive behavior in order to try to reduce mechanical cooling required. Structurally, the court has two glass facades, a vegetation cover that may help to stabilize the energy flow and a remote control of the discharge system it favors the convection circulation in summer; it will be as well important for control the smoke generated in case of fire. This space will be the element of transition between two spaces (exterior space - inner courtyard) and a meeting place that tries to be comfortable and inviting to the user; where a student can enjoy the visual of the patio, of the private university garden and the large square-agora exterior meeting place.

Marc Casany

Lucia Herrero / Alvaro Méndez / Vera Maria Esteves

Gustavo Paternina

Oriol Pasola

Luciano Rotoli

Image 1
Cross between Adolf Florença street and Baldiri Reixac Street

Image 2
Cross between Baldiri Reixac street and Pascual y Vila streeet

Image 3
Inne courtyard university + balcony

Image 4
Cross between Pascual i Vila street and Llorens i Artigas street + balcony

Carrer de Baldiri Reixac, 13, 08028 Barcelona, Barcelona


Site Plan


First floor

Second floor

Third floor

Fourth floor

Fifth floor

Sixth floor

View of sixth floor

Seventh floor

Elevation from Llorens and Artigas street

Elevation from Pascual Vila street

Elevation from Baldiri Reixac street

Relació entre la nova universitat i els edificis veïns

Scheme 1
Structural design of the atrium area

Scheme 2
Structural composition of the atrium area

Scheme 1
Climate behavior summer-winter

Scheme 2
Use and function of the atrium area

Image of the atrium permeability area