Studio located in the city of Barcelona in an urban area that has many difficulties to interact with their environment. The project strategy part of an improvement in the road system, the circulation, the connections, the different routes, and attractions. All these improvements will make a more livable place, friendly and open; but above all, accessible throughout the whole area.


Urban planning








10.000 m2


Field of action is bounded on the west end with the Collserola Natural Park, in the east end with the Meridiana St. border axis, on the south side with a consolidated city and on the north side with the "Water House "cultural equipment .


Our intervention expected to improve accessibility on all fronts described. The idea is based on blur the boundaries to smooth borders and improve urban space by incorporating a neighborhood program.


The different situations that we find in the place.

Marc Casany / Alejandra Crespo

Trinitat Nova Area
Radiography of site

Variables that interfere with our area of activity transforming urban islands in a set of autonomous islands, programs, needs and different scales.

Carrer de Sa Tuna, 9-11, 08033 Barcelona, Barcelona

Street View - Crossing between Sa Tuna Street and S'Agaró Street

What we found
Original State

How we work
Project phases

What we propose
Urban proposal

Road System (unfinished city)
Presence of two longitudinal axis, as main channels, to limit the area. Different interior secondary roads, which cut the urban space. Discontinuous streets, incomplete sections without uniform criteria Collserola unconnected; that is, the city is unfinished

Circulations (Zig-Zag trail)
As much road traffic as the pedestrian is forced, by the rough topography, a zigzag movement, unclear and undefined. Enhance longitudinal direction for the cross direction will be part of the proposal. Of course, without neglecting the finish those cross roads than necessity, make the whole more convenient and accessible

Tour, continuity & accessibility
By the accused topography on the ground, it becomes difficult to walk around the place and almost impossible to make a continuous tour. Some tracks fade, others get smaller, all this makes the area becomes a unpleasent space. Moreover, the non-accessibility to certain corners denotes that the city, in this place, is still incomplete

Water & Torrents
The important role of water and visible morphology on the area of the project are factors favoring the project. Currently the presence of hard, compact and impervious land hinders us the ability to take up water. The objective is to achieve a more porous place, permeable, that will make a more sustainable place and self-manageable, as regards water resource

The available green space
In the current area of the project, the presence of green is anecdotal; there is a little green space dispersed, little compact and only in small areas. It is therefore vital to enhance your presence and create spaces with a high component of green, mainly to relieve the area

Attraction points & activities (programmatic sewn)
The presence, outside area, of attraction points and activities are good elements to incorporate into the proposal. The activity is a good flux generator for to attract attention for the area. Increasing activities in the program, will help us to blur the boundaries and connect better with the environment