Competition of ideas for the design of the new headquarters of CONCYTEC in Lima (Peru) with the objective of creating a new corporate identity for the city, where the energy efficiency and the sustainability are primordial in the proposal. A new building is needed in a complex place (area with high traffic, highly chaotic traffic and bustling) with highly technical spaces and work spaces where the relationship between users and knowledge exchange are the result of a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.




Consejo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Tecnológica


Lima, Perú




13.295 m2


The project of the new headquarters CONCYTEC, is located at the corner of Av. Canada, main arterial road of the city and Av. del Aire, important road connecting the city of Lima (Peru). Chaotic and noisy environment.


The project is located in the district of San Borja (residential area) and close to a new commercial green area and in growing. Therefore, our proposal is located in such a way that generate a more direct connection with the neighborhood and with the nearest urban environament, creating its main entrance on the San Borja neighbourhood. The building has 5 floors, including one underground to create a parking area. At first floor (level 0) there is the main access to CONCYTEC for enter to a courtyard that is protected from the outside. It is created a protected pedestrian zone (vehicle, noise, etc. ) relaxed and green where it will be encouraged the relationship between the Building users. It is for this patio where you will be able to access to the 3 sectors or work areas the CONCYTEC.


The project is developed through five logical steps: 1) We start from the ground and set their construction limits. 2) The project grows at its limit generating an internal courtyard. 3) The building opens to the district of San Borja, his residential area and the different cultural areas of the environment. 4) The project is built with two different facades; which opens the street own place; and overlooking the inner courtyard, creating a more relaxed space. 5) To improve energy efficiency, the building grows as its orientation and sunlight with the idea of getting a maximum natural lighting in each of their areas. 6) To increase their effectiveness and sustainability, the ceilings / "green" terraces are created using the land stolen of the floor -1.


One of the major decisions that we had to propose to the beginning of the competition was to determine if we built a hight building on Avenida Canada for being the busiest street and the most importantly. We decided to discard this option once analyzed the constraints of the parcel that we use to optimize efficiency and building performance.


For the building was efficiency, We propose the project using a "passive design” in order to adapt to their condition by location and weather. This made the new CONCYTEC is projected unique and particular location. Getting the building it was well oriented, with optimal heights and with correct ventilation it made that we reduce energy consumption, and therefore, also we reduced the number and /or the size of the "active systems" (weather, heating, artificial lighting, etc.) to be placed.

Marc Casany

Irma Traserra / Ingrid García / Lorena Trinidad / Josu Acebrón

Image from Av. del Aire looking Av. Canada
In this image you can see the relationship between the new building's scale with their immediate surroundings and it shows the pedestrian access for opening to the district of San Borja seeking the proximity of pedestrians and the proximity to the cultural area of the place

Image from Av. Canada looking to the Av. del Aire
We place the building more lower on Av. Canada for increasingly (plant number) from north (sunrise) to south for preventing that the building cast his shadows on itself. With this action, we also get that from the Av. Canada it can visualizes the whole building, thing that if we place the building in height in front of the avenue, this would cover the rest of the building complex that would have behind (maximum display that makes it become an iconic landmark of the city)

Av del Aire 525, Lima 15034, Perú

Corner of Av. Canada with Av. del Aire

Conditioning factors urbans
Near to our ground there are residential areas with mid-scale, mèdium-low. To the south, there is a growing new business area, which features shopping, restaurants, and entertainment areas. Also in the same south-east direction, it is one of the most important cultural centers of the city, with facilities such as the National Library, National Theatre and National Museum of Peru

Growth phases
Building of 5 floors ( Floor -1 to 4th floor

Floor -1
Parking área

Longitudinal Section + Raised

First floor
Main entrance to the building + Inside protected area

Images to inside courtyard
Inside of this courtyard is created an isolated area of the environment as a "OASIS", a protected place about the outside noise, green and calm to favor the confort of the users the CONCYTEC

Second floor
Area with access to the auditorium with the possibility that these pieces work independently of the building closing the two cores more closest to Av. Canada, and just keeping the cores that supplies the dining room and showroom

Third floor
On this floor we find part of the module FONDECYT and the module bodies Line, these include a terrace creating a space of external relation between the different users of the building

Interior image of the 3rd floor to the outside of the Building
From inside the building will have a visual controll of all space (Courtyard - Building - City)

4th Floor
On this floor we find the Senior Management area, the module Research Center and the other terrace where it will have a general vision of all the building and the outside teherof

Proposal's Concept 1
Schemes of the Evolution of phase 1 to 3

Proposal's Concept 2
Schemes of the Evolution of phase 4 to 6

Schemes Implementation of the proposal
Shadows projected (natural lighting in the courtyard) + Maximum natural lighting on the facade of buildings + largest green area as outer space protected for the use of building users

Decks of the CONCYTEC
The building’s decks are made taking advantage the excavated land from the floor -1, where it will be planted native species, adapted to the local climate, and helping to promote the habitat and biodiversity of Lima. To support the plantation, it is created an irrigation system based on double circuit installation where the gray waters to the building are collected for transport to level -1, where they will be filtered and stored, for subsequently, take them to the different groundcovers and water those species that are planted through a drip system

Energy Efficiency
There has been a building energy simulation to get those dates that they can help to know better energy efficiency to the new CONCYTEC. These data have been conclusive to develop a design criterion in designing the center, and to estimate/ evaluate the differents energy consumptions produced inside the building